0% pre-mined | ASIC Resistant | Open Source

Supply46M + tail emission | Blocktime240 sec.
Mining algoCryptonight | Difficulty algoZawy 1.0

1 CREP = 0.000026 XMR (0.0055 USD)
[CREP Exchange]


Untraceable payments

CREPCOIN provides users with a completely anonymous payment scheme.


Unlinkable transactions

After funds are sent to a CREP address they can only be redeemed by the receiver; and it would be impossible to cross-link these payments.


Double-spending proof

Nobody is able to spend the same money twice, even if all his signatures are anonymous.


Blockchain analysis resistance

Non-repeating one-time addresses and mixed keys in ring signatures make the whole blockchain resistant to analysis.


Egalitarian proof of work

CryptoNight algorithm brings equality and ASIC resistance with an egalitarian proof of work.


Web services

We developed a rich web environment, including: webminer, webwallet and an exchange for CryptoNote based coins.


Download CREP GUI Wallet and manage your wallets on your local computer.

CREPCOIN GUI Wallet for Windows


  • January, 2018

    Exchange Beta

    Exchange site beta will be released.

    Online wallet update. Bug fixes.

    Android wallet beta will be released. (delayed, March 2018)

  • February, 2018

    Crepcoin Software Released

    CREPCOIN software will be released.

    Hardware updates.

    GPU mining available on our pools.

    Help to setup community pools.

    Website redesign.

    Hardfork on block 19690: New difficulty algorithm.

  • March, 2018

    Exchange Released

    5+ markets on exchange.

    CREPCOIN software fixes and updates.

    Exchange beta finished.

    CREPCOIN will added to exchanges: CREX24, Yobit and Stocks.Exchange.

    Android wallet beta will be released.


CREPCOIN has implemented a simple bonus reward system, in order to keep the reward per block above 40 CREP in the first 4 years.

Once 46,000,000 CREP will be emited, reward will be 1 CREP per block until the end of time.




Why Trade Cryptos? Benefits of Trading Cryptocurrency

Trading cryptos involves speculating on the movements of prices via CFD trading accounts or buying and selling of coins via crypto exchanges. So, to trade cryptos, you basically have to speculate whether the market will rise in value or fall. You will not own the digital asset and trading is done through CFDs or derivative products. Alternatively, you may be keen to buy cryptos when you wish to own the digital asset and do not mind paying the value of this asset upfront.

What Are The Benefits of Trading Cryptos?

  • Volatility: The crypto market may be relatively new but it is characterized by extremely high volatility. Between Octobers 2017-2018, Bitcoin prices climbed to $19,378 and fell to $5851. This goes to show how dramatic price fluctuations can be in the span of only one year. It is this sharp volatility that makes it exciting for investors to trade cryptos. But before you start out as a trader, it is prudent to research well and have a proper risk-management plan in place.
  • Longer hours: Trading cryptos is possible anytime of the day or night because the crypto market, unlike the stock market, never shuts down. Since traders are free to trade 24×7, in the absence of centralized control, it is far more convenient. Transactions can take place between parties all over the globe through cryptocurrency exchanges spread across different regions. You must however be prepared for specific downtimes when markets can be busy adjusting to “forks” or infrastructural updates.
  • Higher liquidity: Liquidity indicates how easily and you can convert any crypto into cash, without affecting its market price. So, liquidity is essential since it assures speedier transactions and better prices accompanied by improved accuracy for analysis. The crypto market is typically considered illiquid as transactions are spread across many exchanges; so, relatively speaking, only a handful of small trades will impact the market prices.
  • Crypto trading lets you go long or short: When you buy a crypto, you will have to pay the value upfront hoping that prices will escalate with time. However, when you trade a crypto, you can engage in long or short trades. Short selling is when you take advantage of markets declining in prices or rising in prices. You can even go long when you have made up your mind to open short CFD positions on Ethereum prices in the hope that prices will fall. In case you are proven right and Ether prices fall as anticipated, you can make a profit. You can make use of automated trading bots to execute your trade autonomously. Have a look at the bitcoin revolution site which talks about one of the trending automated Bitcoin trading app.
  • Leveraged exposure: Since CFDs are leveraged products; you can open any position on “margin”. This refers to a deposit that is only a fraction of the trade’s full value. This means you are getting to access a huge exposure to the crypto market even though you are using only a small part of the capital. The losses or profits that you make via these trades reflect the values of your position at the point where it was closed. This is why trading on margins allows you to enjoy high profits from comparatively small investments.  For enjoying high profits try this advanced bitcoin trading system. It’s called Bitcoin Billionaire which fully automates your trade. You can sit back and relax while the app does the job for you.
  • Quicker actions: To start buying cryptos, you will need an exchange; this means you have to first register on the exchange to make an account, get your ID verified, and then store cryptos in a digital wallet for security. The whole exercise takes time. But if you trade cryptos instead, you do not directly need an exchange. All you need is to fill an online application and instant verification ensures you can start trading right away.